Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A Warrior?

A friend of mine wrote: "You have the mind of an engineer, the heart of a warrior and the soul of an artist."

Engineer, yes. Artist, check. But... warrior? Where did she get that idea? Maybe she meant "...heart of a worrier."

What have I done that would lead her to this astounding conclusion? I'm really curious, so I asked her. Maybe she'll tell me.

Now, the truth is that I run from my own shadow! God shows me what he has planned and I quake in my bare feet! The future terrifies me. So... I don't look at it. One day at a time, please.

If she's right... oh, boy, am I in trouble. "Much will be expected from those who have been given much." I'll try not to think about that, too.

But it does bring up an interesting question. What is a warrior? We in this world know nothing about God, and we know nothing about love, so maybe we also know nothing about what truly makes a person a warrior. And it could be there are different kinds.

My guess, however, is that she has confused desperation with ambition. I know that if I depart from God's way I'm dead meat. I know what was ahead when I took that last exit, and I have a good memory. So, it's God's way or no way. And you know something? I've learned that God really does know the best way. If I follow what He says, my life becomes better. Not easier, but better.

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