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There's Lu, with her "drama queen" antics and great swings. Read one post and you know she's alive.

There's the Preacher, deeply thoughtful, hoping he's not lost. He gives me a lot to think about, being more engaged with what's going on around him than I am.

Wendy's breezy style runs way under the surface. There are secret depths inside there that I don't know if I will ever understand.

Paula really puts her life into her words. No beating around the bush. You know what's going on with her that moment. I don't know her well, having just been introduced, but I look forward to reading what she offers.

The Preacher wrote "What if you and I could set aside all the church bullshit for a little while? I’m serious. Just for the purpose of a good conversation..."

What a wonderful dream. It was a reality in my life, but that was years ago. We were all young, all lost, all the same age. We knew what to talk about and we knew that talking was important. We could build bridges over the chasms between us, and doing so was worth the time required.

Community is, most of the time, just a word. People, especially Christians, talk about it a lot. Christians point to the Book of Acts and make much noise about how that's what they want. They don't, however, choose to sit down as the Preacher suggested and just... talk. They choose to get involved with programs and schedules and plans. "We'll talk soon," they say, but soon never comes.

You can't make a relationship at the rate of one meeting per month. You just can't learn who another person is with an occasional dinner. You have to be with them in many different ways: working on cars, doing sound in a church, taking a walk, helping with hard things. That latter is nearly impossible unless you know the person, and you can't know them unless you've put in the time.

That early community I had came apart, as these things do. People left school, got married, moved to other places. As Lu mentioned in one of her posts, it's out of sight, out of mind.

Maybe it's because I'm good with abstract things. To me, a letter is almost as good as a face-to-face meeting, and it is most certainly better than the nothing that usually happens. But no one responds. Today we have more ways to communicate than ever, but the air is filled with noise and fluff.

Now, why is it that some people have chosen to put their hearts into Weblogs? This little group is closer to a community than anything I've experienced in years (except for the MBH tech team!), and it just sort of happened. Those chasms between people can be bridged with writing as well as voice.

Everyone denigrates the Internet. There is a lot of junk. There's also some treasure. Very similar in that regard to everything in life.

Now Larry... you are a making me cry! :) This is a community! :) I love that you said it is a treasure... it is to me too...

Wow, Larry! I'm awed to be listed on your blog. Thanks! I guess I am one of those people who writes from the heart--just lays it out there.

How'd you find me anyway?

I agree with you that bloggers form a special community. I don't have time to post every day or read other blogs daily, but I've found so many soul friends through this and received so much encouragement.

Have you ever read the book "Wild At Heart"? It is written for men, but I loved it! It really challenged me to live my passions, pursue them, not hide. But boy does it hurt sometimes. I'm thinking hurt is better than numb. At least some of the time. I mean numb is okay when the pain is so huge you can't step into it, but to live life always numb, never quite stepping out . . .let's just say I don't want to be there anymore. I don't want to shove down my dreams, desires, and passions and live with a dead, hidden heart.

Hope to know you better, Larry!
--->How'd you find me anyway?

The easy way: followed a link from Lu's Blog. The problem with Bloggerspace is finding anything in it. Lu has good taste so I pay attention to the links she puts on her page.

A Blog can be anything. I'm glad I've been introduced to a few people who write about real life and put some passion into it.
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