Wednesday, November 17, 2004



Both Lu and Wendy have written this week about wanting to be a positive influence on other people. I don't think either of them has to worry about this, and here's why.

Genius is supposed to be 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I'm not sure about the specific proportion but I know that work makes up the lion's share, as demonstrated by Aslan's efforts in our lives. I can tell people of all the lovely sand sculptures I could build, or that I'm going to
build, but until I actually set a salt-stained tool to the warm, gritty sand it's all idle chatter.

Don't tell me about what you're going to do, unless you're already really doing it. Don't tell me about all these lovely ideas you have unless you're actually taking steps to turn them into something real. I'm tired of people telling me about things they could do if only they had this or that. Until you really do it, you're a wannabe. I want to see action.

That's why I respect Wendy and Lu. They're both out there on the edge, uncomfortable, working to follow Jesus in a world that's hostile to His every principle. That inspires me to perspire. Lu is living in a strange city working to make new friends and a church that will welcome lost souls such as I was last year. Wendy works to bring people closer to God through singing and worship. Their reach may exceed their grasp, but they're TRYING! They're DOING IT!

Their stories are the kind I like to read. Real actions in real life, with real consequences. I think this is a very powerful way to introduce people to Jesus. Telling real stories, not some made-up thing about what we should be, or a story that, like white rice, has had all the bran and rough
material polished out of it. All that's left is a pasty mess. Gargh. Leave the hair on and let me sort it out.

I'd like a double helping of perspiration, please, just like Elisha. I find it inspirational.

Inspiration is essential. I never would have made my first sand sculpture unless I'd gotten this wild idea for making an arch out of something that flows in a way that approximates water. One idea and 25 years of outworking, perspiration and inspiration dancing together in ways I never
would have predicted.

We all just follow our noses, one little step at a time, and look where we end up. Talking across the country, touching and instilling a new breath of life into people. Don't bother trying to predict what God will do. You'd never believe it. He gives us His reality, with bells and tassels.

2004 November 17 (written for Blog, CC to weird Email list)
edited November 18

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