Monday, December 27, 2004


People of the Exit

I wrote a story called "Life in Christ" about how I learned some of the critical concepts that I use every day in following Jesus. Breezze left a comment:

I had to comment on this one... because 1) I liked your ability to be thankful to other people for something you learned from them (Greg & Norm)... people don't do that you know!

And that was enough to push me over the edge into a project I'd thought about for a long time: writing about those critical teachings and who taught them to me. The result was an aborted message called "People of the Exit."

Those of you who know me only from this Blog are missing most of the story. While I've worked to provide background, many of the details aren't here. A lot happened in the year before I started Blogging, and I wrote many stories about it. I'm not going to try to fill all that in, but I did want to mention a few of the people who helped me take the Last Exit.

I aborted the story because it fell flat. Then I got another idea early in the morning, a title and the first few sentences, which became "God's Coloring Book Has No Lines" and the first of several stories about these people. As more ideas come to me I'll write the others.

So far there are two more in this Real World Evangel series:
"Fishing for Pugs" and
"The Shape of the Lamp."

Initiated 2004 December 15
rewritten December 27

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