Wednesday, December 01, 2004


The Riot Act

"I find that God is very supportive of creativity." .yep....

"This man is a real Christian. Active in the church, family, hard worker, rebuilding their house in his spare time. Working to raise Godly kids. I can barely get myself through the day, much less anyone else, and I just fold up. I'm not fit to be in his house."

But you ARE fit to be in the house of the KING! (and it is the house of your Father.)

"In My Father's house there are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you, for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also...." John 14:2-3

"Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me..."

Hi, Larry

To me these verses are the "great levelers", as Jesus said this to all of his disciples. I was thinking about the concept yesterday about "who did what" of the twelve disciples, after Jesus went away to heaven again ---this is how the Lord spoke to never hear of Thomas again after the resurrection and ascension, and you only hear of Philip (who had such a pure heart) once, talking to the Ethiopian eunuch who gets saved(?sp)...Peter only writes a few letters to the churches, and dies on an upside down cross, but Matthew and John end up writing huge accounts of the gospels ---Mark ends up running away and tradition has it that he was the disciple who fled naked and left his garments in the hand of some soldier in the Garden of Gethsemane, but then is "useful to Paul for service" at a later date. James only writes one epistle that is canonized, We never hear much about Andrew, Peter's brother after Jesus called him as a disciple ----and James and John ---whoa ---Jesus called them "Boanerges" --that is "sons of thunder" (was that a compliment or not??)....the point is (Mark 3:13-19) that Jesus called all types of people from all types of walks of life ---and he used them greatly (look what we have today as a result of their works and words???)

YOU are a REAL CHRISTIAN...bought by the blood of Jesus, and being used by HIM as HE sees fit! (Take a look at the people who built the temple in 2 Chronicles 2----do you think that leaders can do it alone? ---it talks about Solomon doing it all - hah! He had Huram, Huram-abi, the son of a Danite woman and a Tyrian father, 70,000 dudes and 80,000 others and 3,600 supervisors to even begin to build the temple!....and had one not done his part, nothing could have been accomplished...and God knew each one of their names and also had formed them in the womb for their part in His great plan (Psalm 139).....

Keep building, dear friend...
Love and Happy Thanksgiving...Carol

We really ought to get Carol together with Lu. The reaction wouldn't be so much like matter and anti-matter as adding two and two and getting 28. Interesting women.

I've known Carol since the spring of 1972. I met Craig in college, 1970, then joined the church he was in. Carol and Craig met at the church, got closer and then got married in, what, 1973? He and I lived together until the marriage.

It was kind of a rough start. Carol was jealous of my friendship with Craig, but after a little while got over that. We did all kinds of things together: hiking, eating pizza, talking, letting Craig beat me at Monopoly. Lots of memories. He and I applied at Safeway. He got hired and still works there as a pharmacist. They ended up living in Estes Park, which was my dream.

God, I guess, had other ideas. I rattled around until I fell into a niche here. Neither Craig nor Carol is a frequent writer but when they do write, the missive is memorable. Carol just doesn't mince words, which is why I think getting her together with Lu would be interesting. Anyway, I wonder sometimes what would have happened if I'd have stayed in Colorado and continued developing our relationship. And my friendship with Roman. But I wasn't one to let friendship get in the way of following what path I saw.

I wonder if that's good. No way to know. As Aslan said, "That's not your story, and I'll only tell you yours." There has to be some balance between following my own ideas, and being influenced by others. I've always hewed to my own line, probably to my detriment, but on the other hand I am still here so it hasn't been too bad a path.

But I do miss Carol and Craig. Maybe it's the period in which we met: much ferment, much contact and learning about each other at a time when there was, well, time to do so. Now everyone's busy. The usual story.

As my "Weird Email" list developed, Carol and Craig were naturals to be included. After all, Craig got me started on all of this in 1971, and they together were a strong argument for God being real. I wish I'd listened better then, but I guess I had things to learn first. They got Backbone Transplant in its original form and Carol's no-nonsense response is what starts this story.

I am glad when Carol writes. She, like Lu, genuinely loves our Lord Jesus. And she's not afraid to show this. So, thank you, Carol. May you also keep building and growing. I'll do my best as long as the Holy Spirit stays with me... which will be forever, but your encouragement also helps.

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