Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The Spark

Carol and Craig have been on my mailing list since the 1970s, letters and then stories. "The Wind from the Divide," "The Wind from the Sea," and others. Of course they're on the "Weird Email" list, so they received The Three Of Us. Craig doesn't write all that often, but when he does he reaches for the heart. Here's his response, posted here because I really like his writing.

Yes, i love larry nelson. You will to if you let him touch your life.

Larry is like that fresh breeze that touches your face in a stuffy crowded room, that shiny stone on the river bed among all the other pretty but common stones, that insight in the day that says to you "Whoa, god is big."

I remember when God brought this color into His masterpiece and set him close to my place in the picture-I was over joyed because I knew that he belonged in this work of love and i knew that he would enhance this little corner of the great overall picture. Well this piece of color had experience the rejection of the "grey" shades most of his life. See color makes grey uneasy it makes some question their value-their position and threatens safe grey community. So the "grey" isolates and if possible destroys the color in their world. They fail to see that the color actually makes them stand out more and shine in their uniqueness more also.

Well , as this color enter into the fellow believers world it found that :"greyness" existed there too. So after a few years the hurt and struggle reentered and the color went in to hiding and even thought that the Artist had been a fake also. But the Artist is faithful and really does
want this color in the masterpiece.

So as the color questioned the value of the artist, himself and even life the artist gently protected his shade and touched him in a fresh way to renew is hue's and bring him back into the picture as planned. See this picture is a long term project and the colors and shades are living and in relationship with the artist so he is patient and tender.

HE is not finished yet -so enjoy the wonder and the many colors and shades you find around you and relax in HIS love for you.

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