Wednesday, February 23, 2005



Six months ago today I read Lu's new Blog. Thanks to the simple directness of Blogger's system, within two minutes I had a Blog of my own. A few minutes later I'd written what has now become the Introduction and there was actually something to read.

Six months later there are over 130 entries here, and over 112,000 words. It took me a year to write the 118,000 words of "Anonymity was never an option," so blogging has obviously been quite an encouragement. There's nothing like having a guaranteed outlet for writing.

Blogging is different. Rather than spending weeks agonizing over the details of a complexly interwoven story, a Blog entry is usually on one topic and done quickly. Get the idea out there so I can move on. It's a more fluid situation.

Then there are the connections. Other stories go out and I never hear anything about them. Blog entries sometimes attract comments, which turns it into a sort of written fellowship. I like this.

So, thank you, Lu, for getting me into this. Thanks also to the various others who, by writing their own Blogs, encourage me to keep going. And thanks to all of you for reading because that encourages me to write, and that helps me understand where I am and what God is doing. After all, if you can't describe it you don't really know it.

And, of course, major thanks go to the Holy Spirit for giving me ideas, titles and words... and the real reason to write any of them down.

Yeah... Thanks Lu! She got me started too Larry.

I'm so glad you started blogging.. working through thoughts, sharing your stories, creating community through BLOGGING! It's been a great ride so far! Can't wait to see what God does in the future with this!
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