Monday, May 16, 2005


Sand sculpture 05F-5 (May 14)

I had an idea when I went to the beach, but very little of it is apparent in the sculpture. It took a hard left turn and kept going. Like the last one, it's a mix of old and new: the older, 1997-era strong vertical elements, with the more recent thin surfaces and microsculpture curtain wall. I liked it.

I forgot to tell you how much I like this sculpture Larry! Beautiful... it is amazing to me!

Liked your comments on Lu's blog too... I think we need to be praying for each other... when we start feeling this way.

Someone said the other day that the key is taking people on mission with you... but when I have spiraling days... I have to ask what exactly is that? Where am I going? Where am I asking people to go?

Anyway... talk to you later!
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