Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Uru and Sand Sculpture

I've been active in the Uru Obsession forum for several months now (centered on the Cyan games Myst, Riven and Uru, and their derivatives) and recently some other members have become interested in sand sculpture. Here's a link to the resulting discussion of sand sculpture.

This was all spontaneous. It resulted from another thread, where a member made a signature image of a beach, and I posted an image of a sand sculpture for the beach. The forum is made of an interesting mix of people, of all ages.

That's so great Larry... I love your sculptures... and one day would love to talk you into letting me buy one of your photos... wow! That last one and your story of your friend is so beautiful. "Reflection" right? Beautiful.
Thanks Larry for your posts! Means a lot to me.

You know the picture I absolutely love is the one on your "Refections" page? I think that might be before you digital timetable? It looks like it says 1999. :( breakwt4.htm 1999 February 15 is on the bottom of the page?

I'll have to check the other's out too!
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