Tuesday, June 14, 2005


For Sand Sculpture Fans

Some of the dust has settled from new construction. You can see the results in the sidebar to the left.

It's all Lu's fault. By introducing me to Blogging I discovered that there was a way to put up Web content without writing HTML.

Well, I should put some blame on Sandra, too. She's the one who demonstrated how photo-hosting could spruce up a Blog.

Images and stories. A long-held dream: the illustrated story. I've made many experiments along this line, a recent one being my Blog-based one, "Hands in the Sand."

But it takes pull as well as push to get me moving. "Hands in the Sand" aroused no comment, and then I ran into a problem of a lack of images for some of the stories, so the project has stalled.

Then I was invited to post sculpture images on a forum (see links to left). That led to more invitations, which led to working on some of the more recent images that hadn't been shown. Preparing images and posting them on Photobucket for use elsewhere is over half the work, so I decided to do more experiments with Blogging them.

Now, some of these sculptures come with stories. I tried to post the stories, but it didn't work. After much troubleshooting I discovered that the problem was caused by invisible characters in the text files, but in the process of finding that out I read all the Blogger help files, finding what Blogger offers for people wanting to publish books. Turns out I'm not the only one.

So, the result is, for now, the 2003 sand sculpture Blog. I'll upgrade the others as time permits. And there are some additions and modifications to the 2003 one also. It's a work in progress. Read the forum entries too, because they ask different questions.

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