Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Where's the Light?

Alex McManus has a new post about Hugh Hewitt's book on Blogging. The discussion is of how Blogging can be used in the church, and various ideas are suggested.

They're too late. They're back there, standing by the barn door, watching the horses all run west, into the light. Amid the discussion of what a Blog for a church should be, there are many people who are already doing it. They're writing the book as they Blog, one day at a time.

Mosaic didn't snag me because of some carefully constructed plan that went along with a study guide and a succession of relevant sermons. No, they got me because I could see light in the place. My life was dark. I walked in there and saw light I'd forgotten existed. Nobody organized it. It grew. Followers of Jesus working together because of the life they've been given.

Writing a Blog is a natural outgrowth of that. One reader of my Blog called it a ministry, and I was glad of that. I'd like it to be a ministry for those who have been stuck in deadly routine as I was, and would like to see and get help in executing a more lively way. Not that I think I have all the answers. The main thing I'd like any visitor to this site to get is that God is infinitely patient, and will take your hand and lead you on the path he has designed for you.

Not a path designed for the church. Not a path that's set up to be as smooth as possible and not ruffle anyone else's feathers. Your feathers will most certainly be ruffled. It take a lot to change a life.

Organization is essential, like the bricks and mortar that support our culture. But it isn't the whole thing, nor the only thing! Life is why the infrastructure exists. Build the minimum necessary stuff and then let the life take over, like vines over the church. Don't try to direct them too closely or they'll die.

Instead of reading books about Blogging, go out and Blog. Rather than read books about following Jesus, ask him to take your hand and lead. There are a few good books: "Ruthless Trust" and "The Sacred Romance" being two I can recommend... if you want to take a dare. The main idea would be to approach Jesus in all your brokenness and just ask him what to do. The answer might be an ongoing surprise. He might even want you to write a Blog.

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