Saturday, December 17, 2005


Seven, Oops.

Well, I can't very well turn down Lu's invitation. Normally I don't join Internet bandwagons, but this one has some interesting aspects.

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Survive.

Seven things I can't do:
1. Argue
2. Pour my energy into useless activity

Seven things I love to do, and do well:
1. Sand sculpture
2. Mountain biking
3. Photography
4. Writing
5. Fix problems
6. Make things
7. Appreciate nature

Seven foods I love:
You really mean just seven? Be serious. This seasonal... But I always like the following:
1. Haagen-Dazs vanilla chocolate chip
2. Dinah's apple pancake
3. Chicken stew
4. T-bone steak
5. Caesar salad
6. Greek salad
7. Fresh fruit of just about any kind

Seven things that attract me to people:
If I could quantify this, my life would be different... it's guidance by feel. Some essential aspects:
1. Honesty

Seven books I've enjoyed:
These are the standouts, books that echo in memory long after the covers are closed.
1. The Lord of the Rings
2. The Chronicles of Narnia
3. Ruthless Trust
4. Od Magic
5. Archform: Beauty
6. Beauty and the Beast

Seven movies:
1. Never Cry Wolf
2. Hatari!
3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (third and final version)
4. My Neighbor Totoro
5. Good Will Hunting
6. South Pacific
7. Tron

I notice there's no place on the list for music, which means far more to me than movies. Books and music have always been my main solace.

Music I can't live without:
1. Beethoven Symphony #6
2. Ralph Vaughan Williams Symphony #3
3. Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem
4. J.S. Bach Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor
5. Loreena McKennitt--various CDs
6. Mason Williams
7. Hundreds more reaching back into the past...

And what of God? Where is He on this list? If I weren't so scared of what he's doing, I'd be glad he's in my life. I recognize that you could wipe out this whole list and still my life would work because of Him. Maybe the whole damned list is just a bunch of crutches.

Oooh, music I can't live without.... definitely have to be in the "Christian music" genre.

-- Passion worship songs, epecially "Enough", "Sweep Me Away", "How Great is Our God" and "Knees to the Earth" (at least those are the most meaningful to me at the moment)
-- Worth It, Rita Springer
-- Friend of God, Women of Faith worship team
-- anything by Steven Curtis Chapman
-- Worship You by Ron and Leticia Rippy
-- Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack
-- When I Survey the Wondrus Cross (hymn, I confess I don't remember the name of the songwriter)

By the way... you're not off the hook till you can name another six things to do before you die. :)

Take the time you need, but I want updates on that one. 'Cause I believe with all my being that God longs for you to have a loooong list of things you desire to do. I'm convinced He longs for you to embrace life as a Love Adventure with Him. So.... what are six more things you can do together?

I miss hearing your deep thoughts and amazing God-experiences every week in Life Group! So indulge me here. :)
Mary Lu has always been our number one fan and our "bestest" of Friends!.
It is now 4 years later and I thought this post could use an update.
the Rippys have released this song (MaryLu calls it 'Worship You'), "I call on Your Name" and others in a new CD. You can find it here: or here:

It would be great to know what you think of the tracks.

blessings to all
ron for the Rippys
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