Friday, March 10, 2006


The Best Year

My purpose in life may have just dawned on me, and no, it's not the sun which is also coincidentally rising beyond my living room window. No, God put me here so that Lu would have someone to tease. Yep. That's it.

I don't know how she finds these things. This one is especially cruel, because it shows very clearly that I'm from not just from some year that never showed on a calendar, but from a different planet. To illustrate, I've copied the test text here and will give my answers for all the world to see. And then you can all chip in to buy me a ticket home.

1. What TV show are you most likely to veg out to? (these I've at least heard of.)

Family Ties
I Love Lucy
Mork & Mindy (this is the only one of the group I'd watch. I prefer to "veg out" to music.)
The Brady Bunch

2. When you think of a classicly beautiful woman, you would have to choose: (Am I the only one to notice that they misspelled "classically?")

Marilyn Monroe (ugly! Plastic mannequn. One pose.)
Cheryl Tiegs (who?)
Cindy Crawford (who?)
Twiggy (Ugly.)
Christy Brinkley (Who?)

3. And the coolest guy?

Dennis Hopper (who?)
John Travolta (Stylized. not real)
Cary Grant (Veneer)
Brad Pitt (Who?)
David Hasselhoff (who?)

4. What's your pet cause?

Fair trade
Women's rights
The environment
None of the above.

5. Favorite movie?

The Godfather
Say Anything
The Graduate
Forrest Gump
None of the above. "My Neighbor Totoro"

6. What type of music do you prefer?

Classic Rock
Um... little bits of this and that. Celtic. Eclectic.

7. What's your ideal first date?

Hanging out at the lastest dance club, all dressed up
Skipping the date and going straight to the hookup
Dinner and a movie - dutch
Taking off to a rock festival
Sharing a milkshake and fries at a diner
Those are dates? Yecch. Might have something to do with the fact that I've never had a date...

8. You're cruising down a costal highway... what car are you driving?

A bitchin' Camero
A classic Caddy
A convertible BMW
A new model VW Beetle
A sweet cherry red Mustang
None of the above. A paid-for dingy Honda Accord.

9. What's your favorite comfort food?

Pop Tarts
Mac N Cheese
Red bull and vodka
None of the above. A bowl of cereal? Baked chicken? Whatever I have that hasn't grown legs?

10. Finally, how was this quiz?

All that and a bag a chips
What a trip!
Far out!
A total blast
None of the above. Ticket to another planet? What am I doing here?

There you have it, folks. I apparently managed to get through the last four decades without any of it sticking to me. Or else the test is just a wee bit exclusive. What do you think?

well, my friend, I guess I'll be riding to that other planet with you.....
I'm with you...the choices were, uh..ugh.
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