Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Where Were You When?

It's just a simple question
All tucked in for the night
Standing in the doorway
Hand upon the light
Just tell me one more story
One you swear is true
Tell me what you did back when
Tell me what to do

Where were you when
Where were you when

Where were you when the world was made? What were you doing?

Tell me did you feel like me
Small and weak and scared
Tell me is it really true
Were you unprepared
Tell me how we got to here
How you made the plan
Tell me all about yourself
Tell me who I am

Where were you when
Where were you when

Did you look ahead and tremble? Or did you see the future and rejoice, knowing that it would be finished?

The pen is in your hand
Your mind sharp like a quill
All the earth is moving
But time is standing still
Everything is waiting
For you to make a move
There's everything to gamble
And nothing left to prove

In another bedroom door
In another time
A face that looked a lot like his
Looked to a face like mine
Naked in the question
Frozen in the light
On the edge of mystery
On the edge of flight
Step out of the history
Step into the light

Where were you when
Where were you when

Tell me a story! Where were you? What have you done? Who are you? How do we of flesh and blood dare to touch a pure Spirit? How can the God of the Universe, stars scattered like seeds in a field, stir me with a gentle touch?

Ah, don't preach to me of yesterday's answers. Don't fill my ears with endless repetitions of hand-me-down lessons that never worked. I need to see God's fire burning in someone else so that I won't feel so weird.

Where have you been? What have you learned? Pull the lessons burning hot from the oven of your life and share them fresh. Today, my friends. Today is what we have, before it passes behind to become a stone in the foundation of another today.

Tell me a story, please. Your story. I want to, I need to know what makes you, you. Why are you not someone else? You're not like them! You were made unique, unlike any other being in the universe.

Where were you when
Where were you when

"Where Were You When" by John McCutcheon

Wow. I came over today, after days of intending to. That's quite a poem! Did that come from you? "Everything to gamble and nothing left to lose." Interesting.

The line "where were you?" sticks with me, and I think of "were you there?"

You don't want yesterday's answers, but who says time is inherently linear? I'll have to think about how to share something of who I am, and then...

I'll be back. :D
Hi, A9.

John McCutcheon wrote the song. I've never played it for Music Night, but will soon.

Thanks for visiting! Check the Table of Contents for more stories, going back to August of 2004.
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