Thursday, October 19, 2006


Can You Believe It?

1971 October 18. I had played Craig's cassette letter there in my dismal Salina apartment. I'd thought about it for a couple of weeks. Wasn't much good for anything during that period. Could I with any honesty become a Christian?

2006 October 18. I'm still here. 35 years, of which only five or six count, but Jesus is patient and a very good guide.

There have been other guides. Craig, the one who started it. Other friends in Greeley, who encouraged me in a human way to follow Jesus. Suzie and Tom Baker, Steve, Dave Thoren, more. I still wandered off into the wilderness, but God is out there too. He waited.

In recent years there's Jack, who was the spark for the relight. Eric who accepted one more oddball into his church. Erwin, who had all those good words (such as "The safest place for a sinnner to be is at the feet of Jesus"). There are, of course, more.

That I'm still here is due mainly to Jesus Himself, but he had helpers along the way. What really counts in all of this isn't the doctrine but the touch of the Holy Spirit. Light will have its way. My thanks to all of Jesus' helpers for sharing your holy humanity with me.

1971 - that's a long time. Sounds like you've had some great guides along the way. I need to find a church full of oddballs.

We are made in God's image are we not? Those who have been touched by his mercy, carry with them that gift of mercy to others.

Sometimes the only way to look up, look beyond, is is to fall to your knees.

We only fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up. And though some might think it foolish, we are stronger for it.

Love, mercy, strength, ... Sounds to me that these experiences bring us closer to following in his footsteps than some would realize.
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