Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A Car for Love?

Here's part of an interesting comment from Rosy Boa on Layla's "Action and Feeling" post:

"The funny thing about this debate is that there's little mention of "love." I only found the word in one post out of twenty. I think that love is the center of the matter; it's the greatest commandment, and the code by which we are to live. I think the diagram is silly for the same reason: no love in the mix. It's all describes the mechanism for fostering love without mentioning the thing of greatest worth. Perhaps we don't get the full context of the illustration. As it stands, it's like having a manual for a tortilla-making machine that doesn't mention tortillas."

I think Kevin makes a good point, and I rather wish this idea had occurred to me. I'm afraid I still don't think about things in terms of love, or even relationships. My friend mentioned the other night, when I told her I was going to listen to some music before bed, that she wanted to share the music with me. I pointed out the technical possibilities and completely missed the boat:

Still rather tired. But not bad. I'll listen to some music and drift away.

[my friend] wishes she could listen to the music with Larry.

Sorry... my headphone cord isn't long enough.

Have a wonderful evening. Even though you made a joke, I still wish I could listen to the music with you.

I may be able to do some things like that with Shoutcast. Once Ash finds out what the bandwidth is really like.

Not really the sentiment I was expressing, but that's OK.

I can be really obtuse. Comes from being a narrowly focused troubleshooter looking only for survival, and looking only at the surface so as to avoid drowning. But Jesus is highly experienced in keeping people from sinking. This is an area that could use some application of sensitivity.

I'm just not sure where love fits in with the facts, the faith, and the feeling. Well, I don't know where love fits with anything real. All I know of love I've learned from God's expression of it toward me. There are probably other indications but I've missed them. This will probably change.

I still think Kevin's comment is a good one. I'm just not sure what it means. Maybe love is the track the train runs on, or maybe it's the fuel inside the tender. More likely it's the force that holds all atoms together, whether they're assembled as a middle aged tired man or a big ol' steam locomotive charging into space and time. What encourages me is that God is willing to start at the beginning and teach me, by example, what I need to know. And to feel. I predict rough track ahead.

Not sure what the comment above me is all about. Looks suspicious. But then again I am overly skeptical.

The conversation you relayed with your friend sounded very typical of male/female interaction - so don't write yourself off as obtuse or insensitive unless it happens again. :)
I've said the same thing to men and gotten a similar response. Most guys don't see a romantic hint until it slams you upside the head.

I agree with Kevin's comment ... without love, what is there? Isn't that what God is? That's what Jesus said all the other stuff boils down to: Love. I didn't get that till I had a child.
I did some checking on "Dr. Whoami'S" links. Obnoxious music but otherwise OK. The cartoon links are to Chick tracts. So, I'll let the comment stand as is.

As for male-female communication... I hate being illustrative of a stereotype, but there it is. At least I got it when she pointed it out. I'm trying very hard not to get caught in my own stereotypes.
Geez...Dr... preachin to the choir....don't hijack someone else's blog to do it.....
Good point, Barb. I just ditched the comment.
Good insights from you barbara and bjk larry. I wasn't consciously thinking of love in our discussion on the thread either. But, as barbara noted God IS love!!!! Jesus said love fulfills the whole law. Apostle paul said only thing that matters is faith expressing itself thru love in galatians, as well as saying without love we are nothing. Hmmmm i would say love seems to a lil bit important to God in living of this thing called life. Good thing He initiates it with us.
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