Sunday, November 05, 2006


Jesus and Facts

Robert brought up a good point about my "Derailed" post.

"There are *facts* that we can verify. Jesus was a real historical human being, He lived,died and was resurrected. Christianity is based on historical actual factual occurrences."

These facts are good enough for me. The problem is that they won't stand up to a skeptic's examination as would a scientific study. I'm trying to differentiate between founding a life on the concrete blocks of logic and God's way of requiring something of a stretch to a new kind of reasoning.

Intellectual argument can justify anything, I've seen. Life requires balance in emotion and intellect. Only God knows how to bring that about, in my experience.

"God created us with emotions but they have to be viewed in light of His Word as well as the Holy Spirit. ... If we don't have an objective base for our faith then all is relative and anyone can claim anything based on their own *subjective feelings* and say they are right since we are all human."

I know this is a delicate subject, and it's one I struggle with. I don't want to wander off into subjective swamps. Each of us occupies a unique place in the continuum between pure logic and pure emotion, and I'm biased pretty strongly toward the logical side. This is why God has to tailor my path toward emotional reality. Someone who has problems more from the subjective end would need a different ministry from the Holy Spirit.

Layla left a comment too:
"My problem is that often when I hear so many conflicting opinions I allow myself to get caught up and confused in what other's think. I think God answers me via the Holy Spirit when I try to figure these things out, but instead of trusting that, I think its my own answer and doubt myself."

There are many people in a place like this, Layla, and they nearly bring me to tears. My own trip through catering to other people's opinions led me to wander alone in the wilderness for over 20 years. I heard God's voice, but believed the voices of the people around me above His. I wish that all people would learn to believe they can hear God. And that He's worth listening to. Not with a voice of judgment, but a voice that offers life.

So true, Larry. I have witnessed miracles, heard His voice, been saved by His voice, and still the voices of others yell above and cause doubting.
No wonder that we struggle...the disciples, who actually walked with Him had problems believing.
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