Friday, January 19, 2007


Resting, Resting, 1... 2... 3....

Gary (see link to left) quoted Ruth Haley Barton on the topic of exhaustion. It's something I know well, me, with my emphasis on performance as the way to remain acceptable to everyone.

I was sort of awake in bed this morning, thinking about things. There are two major questions in my mind right now. I'm wonder what love is, and how you know if you love someone. I'm also trying to figure out how art fits into God's plans.

I may have run into the limits of what I can know through logic. Like a pioneer leaving Kansas City in 1850, I step into new land. Unknown. There be dragons, or grasshoppers, or something. The wagon dries out, wheels loosen. I dry out and don't know where to find water, mile after dusty mile, knowing only that God will never let me hit the absolute bottom. Somewhere out there is an answer, or a chain of answers.

I can only take so much horizontal time. My back hurts. I got out of bed and started the day. I think the key here is to learn how to rest while in motion. Or at least rest while remaining engaged. Or something. You make a theory and think, but only putting a foot to the path will bring the answer, or pieces of answers, closer.

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