Monday, August 27, 2007


More INFPs

Well, so much for rarity. BJK left a comment and said she's an INFP. So is Layla. Yesterday I was helping Debbie and Nate with a video project and while talking about things Debbie said she's an INFP. All of this means that if you shake the tree of people with whom I have regular contact, half of who falls out will be INFP. What happened to that 2% thing? Or do I just have good taste? Like calling to like? I at least have something in common with them.

Actually I am pretty sure that the statistic is wrong. I think I told you I did a lot with the MBTI over the years and it would have stuck out in my mind if my type was that unusual. To be honest, I remember it being one of the more popular types. Now, it we were to do a personality test based on unique idiosyncrasies, talents, tastes and hobbies - you'd be in a category all your own (and you know I mean that in a very complimentary way!)
I'm doing a poll on my blog (you should vote if you didn't already) because I wanted to know if INFP's were more common among bloggers than usual - I am one and it seemed like every other person was, too.

I also dug up the "official" MBTI stats and posted them here, if you're curious. INFP's are about in the middle, the real rarity is the INFJ.
geez...i'm lonely...
INFJ...maybe that's why I feel like I never belong? :-/
INFP -- me too!!
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