Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Three Years

Hi, folks.

Three years. Upward of 400 posts on this Blog. People told me I'd be a natural blogger due to the stories I sent around. I'm still not convinced; there are others much more active here than I am. Amazingly, as with other things I'm still here.

Reasons for blogging: sorting out thoughts, presenting an alternative view (to the two or three people who still read this), marking the waypoints on the strange trail God has walked with me through the wilderness of the unlearned soul.

I'm not presenting myself as being right. God is right. I walk and hope these stories from the edge encourage others to also walk with Him. Our paths differ but God and his love are the same. This fascinates me, in a world that so stresses standardization and one-size-fits-all unisex.

I make no promises for the coming year. It'll probably be the same fits and starts.


Quality, not quantity, is what counts in Blogging.

Glad you have stuck it out this long and hope you keep on going. You know how I feel about your words. Lots of good nuggets to mine for the mind.

You probably have more readers than your realize lurking around and not leaving comments.
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