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Becky wrote (astoundingly soon after I posted!) "...I don't know and yet I do know companionship on the journey helps."

Companionship. What a nice dream. Millions of movies examine the topic in one way or another. Psychologic studies show that people do better with companions, even if the companion is a pet cat or dog.

You'd think Christians could get together and share their lives, their learnings of how to live with God. It rarely happens, from what I've seen; Balkanization works among the saints as well as it works anywhere else.

The person I've told most about my recent story isn't a professing Christian. She is a far better listener than most Christians I've met, and doesn't judge me or question my relationship with God or my sincerity. She does question things she doesn't understand, and it's purely because she just doesn't understand. She's not trying to show me the error of my ways and talk me into some form of correction. Elsewhere, I've met Christians who are all full of exhortation and "encouragement," based on knowing someone for a minute. I believe that you don't have community until you've known and done things together for years. Maybe I'm just slow.

I know I'm not very trusting. How could I be, given the way the world works? God doesn't mind, starting with where I am, and teaching me what I need to understand, not moving on until the understanding is there. I wonder if such a thing is possible in a church.

I'd like to find some Christians who want to understand.

"From the time that I could talk
I was ordered to listen." --Cat Stevens

"When everyone's talking
And no one is listening..." -Crosby, Stills and Nash

Dialogue takes work and concentration. The world is too busy to allow this... probably by design.

I believe that a lot of the exhortation and encouragement has to do with the fact, that once you've said you're Christian you are in the big drawer where everyone is supposed to live by the same rules and is thought/taught to believe in the same thing. And so, they will treat everyone like they know them, although they are far from it...
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