Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Toward Freedom XIII

I've been drifting the last couple of days, not thinking in any depth, nor doing much beyond the basics. This has been a problem in other times. I'm defined by mind and action.
    God has a different view. My importance to him doesn't change with my moods. He walks with me even when I can't walk, waiting for me. Patience doesn't even enter into it. The appearance of patience is the perceptual pigeonhole I put the behavior into. The reality is something else. Most patience isn't very patient. People tap their feet, check their Email or texts, every sign pointing toward "Let's get on with it." God's waiting is a wholly different thing. More like the waiting of a plant to grow. Each day to itself, at its own pace.
    I did think a little bit, and slowly, about being affected by the future. To go back to my trip-to-Poughkeepsie analogy: it's not my responsibility to try to predict if there will be problems there when I've just left Lock Haven. That's just completely outside my control and ken. I can choose when to leave Lock Haven, though. Not a good idea to join rush hour, and it makes sense to have fuel for the motorcycle and for me... and watch out for that pedestrian darting out from between the cars. We'll deal with Poughkeepsie when we get there.
    It's a curious state I find myself in. It's as if pushed a couple of anvils off my shoulders.

2012 August 1

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